eCommerce Services

Get Quality Support For Your e-Commerce Store

Precision Fulfillment and Kitting provides eCommerce support services for businesses throughout southern Idaho and the Northwest, from storage, repackaging, and kitting to fulfillment, shipping, and returns. PFK handles the complete fulfillment cycle so you can focus on sales. 

We Guarantee Our Service

Award symbol guaranteeing service at Precision Fulfillment and Kitting.

Your online orders will be shipped in two business days or less. Many of our orders are shipped on the same day. We know speed is critical for our customers.

Getting orders out quickly and on the truck is our top priority!

Warehouse Storage

Warehouse stacking boxes.

PFK provides over 10,000 square feet of warehouse space in Boise and Meridian, Idaho. All stock is stored and organized for easy access by our packing and shipping staff and easy audit by your team or ours. Priced per pallet for storage but stored based on SKU, PFK’s warehouse is designed to ensure no more than a 36-hour turnaround from order receipt to shipment. 

Value Added Services for eCommerce

woman working in a warehouse.
Workers In Distribution Warehouse

Our staff provides hands-on kitting services to: 

  • Light manufacturing;
  • Repackage your items for third-party rebranding; 
  • Palletize your items based on another provider’s pallet stack requirements; 
  • Support Amazon FBA requirements for shipments; 
  • Package for pill packs and powder sticks, all while adhering to health regulations; 
  • Product assembly; 
  • Custom build services; 
  • And many other benefits. 

Order Fulfillment Services

Custom kitting and manufacturing services.

Our cutting-edge fulfillment software supports over 40 different types of shopping carts, POS, and eCommerce systems. It can integrate directly into your website ordering system to capture orders, update inventory quantities, and monitor shipments. 

Our system provides services like Amazon FBA but without FBA’s high costs and hassles. We fulfill sales and provide excellent customer service during shipments or returns, freeing you to increase sales and focus on the bottom line. 

Returns Management

Managing returns is one of the most difficult parts of any eCommerce operation. A poor returns process leads to poor customer service, negative reviews, and lost opportunities for future sales. Leave it to PFK to ensure the highest customer service and professionalism. 

Seamlessly Manage Online Returns

PFK provides a web-based portal for customer returns that manages the process from the start of a return through shipping, credits, and customer support. We work with you to develop the policies we follow and then follow those policies for any returns we might receive. Our process surveys customers to see where they have a potential product issue. Then, based on your management policies, we either repackage returns and return them to inventory, donate returns to charity as a tax write-off, or add them to your third-party channels, like eBay, for discounted sales. Returns are then detailed in monthly reports.